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electrical estimates

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Whether you are looking for a full time electrical estimating service, or an estimate on an as needed basis, Technical Documentation Group is here to service your needs. We use state of the art estimating software to generate our quotes and we use a tried and tested process from start to finish. We value our clients and pledge to always maintain your confidentiality and confidence!

We can provide your business with a comprehensive suite of tender return documents including full bill of quantities & wholesaler reports, as well as a detailed list of clarifications for all of your estimates.

Technical Documentation Group offer the following services:

  • Full electrical tender process

  • Drawing take-off only service

  • Production of bill of quantities

  • Schedule of rates

  • Provide value engineering services

As each and every estimate is differnet in nature, please feel free to contact us in relation to our service fees. We would be more than happy to provide you with a free quotation for our services.

O&m Manuals (MEP)


Our professionals are experienced in the Management and Production of digital, searchable Operation and Maintenance Manuals to the M&E sector.

The Operation and Maintenance Manuals as a part of the project health and safety files are designed to be a comprehensive information source that guides the employer and end users in the understanding of the building. The manual should define the installation and its systems, along with the processes and procedures required for it to be operated and maintained efficiently and safely, becoming the go-to document for the end user.

The O&M Manual, along with the completed project are often the final experiences left by a contractor for the client, and that by which they are often remembered. Problems and frustrations that are encountered post completion by the occupier in their understanding and operation of the building are a reflection back onto the contractor and the design team.

Clients know the importance of the effective management and operation of a building during its operational service.  Increasingly commercial implications for the failure of contractors to deliver comprehensive manuals are being included in Contracts.

Our goal is to produce documentation that complies with your contractual obligations, leaving your company free from:

  • Penalties for late delivery of manuals

  • Increased costs in producing manuals with staff costs often masked in site project costs

  • Increased cost of maintenance through irregular, unnecessary or missed routine maintenance

Marked up drawings


Some of the most important Operations and Maintenance (O&M) documentation products of an MEP construction project are the AS BUILT drawings. As built drawings are usually the original design drawings revised to reflect any changes made in the field, i.e., design changes issued by change order, component relocations required for coordination, rerouting of distribution systems, etc.

As built drawings are important for at least two primary purposes. First, they are a record from which future system changes and/or additions can be designed. Future renovation projects will be more efficient and less disruptive if the as built documents can be depended upon for critical information such as pipe and duct routing and sizing, terminal unit locations, control system sensor locations, etc. Second, the as built drawings can be a valuable tool for the O&M staff. 

Tecdoc Group produce high quality drawings for inclusion in O&M Manuals that can be customised with your company details. We offer a full site mark up or alternately we can produce as built's from customer provided red line drawings. 

bim (mep)


Every building structure necessarily requires mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for the proper functioning of the whole building. Our services include MEP 3D modeling, CAD Services, MEP Coordination, etc for residential, commercial, industrial and multi-purpose buildings.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a great tool for visualisation. It enables a three-dimensional virtual representation of the building. During a project’s bidding phase, renderings, walkthroughs, and sequencing of the model may be presented with better clarity. 3D Visualization with BIM provides a better picture what a structure may look like even before it is constructed. It takes away the effort of bringing together the different 2D views by different trades as the information from all streams like Architecture, Structural, Facade and MEP into a single BIM model.


construction services handover documentation


The handover of a construction project is the final piece of the puzzle which has to be laid down before the contractor’s team can finish up their work and the owner can finally take full control of the structure which they have slowly watched rise over the course of the build.

However, this process can be a long, drawn out affair, with the potential of disastrous consequences befalling all parties if not handled correctly. To make matters worse, many projects still rely on paper documentation to carry out a handover – meaning they are depending on sources which could be lost, misplaced, or destroyed during a project’s lifespan.

Digital handovers provide a way to circumvent these possibilities, and provide one single hub where all reports, drawings, and manuals can be sourced.

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